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Child Care Industry

Open the Door toThe Child Care Industry:
Projections for the future are strong

The childcare industry plays a significant role in our economy. As more and more families have both parents working outside of the home, the need for childcare continues to grow. In addition, the need for higher levels of quality childcare continues to increase. We are experiencing trends where parents are waiting later in life to have children and are, therefore, financially able to afford and demand higher quality care for their children.
The childcare industry generates an estimated $60 Billion in annual revenues, supports more than 3.7 million jobs, and directly employs more people than the public secondary school systems. 65% of mothers with children six years of age and younger are in the work force. According to the National Economic Impact of the Child Care Sector study, sponsored by The National Child Care Association, "By the year 2010 upwards of 85 percent of the labor force will consist of parents, and the number of working women will exceed working men." This same survey stated that by that same year, "the U.S. is expected to add another 1.2 million children aged four and under, a 6% increase." The results of this study along with the statistics from other studies supports the childcare industry as continuing to be a thriving and growing industry.
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